England Vs Bangladesh 1st Test Match, Days 4 & 5 – 2016

Mr. Ben Emma Stokes provided the solution to a game that tests this exciting wanted so fans England badly, but broke the hearts of the fans, Bangladesh, who had hoped that it would be getting chyochomneahcheabravotte approach over the first originally created a tournament that has it. Tiger will be another opportunity soon, but Stokes, took two wickets needed to push the home team in the final balance.

Day 4,2

Day 4,3

Day 5,1

Day 5,2

Day 5,3

Day 5,4

Today started with Stuart wide acceptance on the ball, but the part-time bowling of Joe Root also has been used in an attempt to keep the run rate down. Although these marring strategy Bangladesh have Sabbir Rahman and Islam Taijul play at the top of their games, and look set to mark the 33 runs his team needed to overcome the line on the last day.

What spoiled the party, Bangladesh is a reverse swing Emma Stokes, who has been criticized on this trip before now to ice overly aggressive but redeemed himself in the test with the screen Flintoff as batting 85 in aggressive second of being possibility accompanied by wickets four of his in a field that has become easily more to quickly follow the traditional bowling in English as the tournament progressed.

Sabbir Rahman was not 64 when closed seems deflated, but the key now for the brave and the bold is to regroup Bangladesh since the beginning of Dhaka shows the difficulties for England in the series a day and can also Alastair Cook and present the company with a batting skin distribute some, again.

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